Osprey Nest Cam


In an effort to educate the Marine Nature Study Area visitors about osprey, we erected a mockup of an osprey platform. This platform would serve as an educational aid to visitors and students on the design and importance of such structures and the role it played in the re-establishment of the osprey population. Due to the closeness to an active pathway, we did not expect it to attract a nesting pair, little did we know!

Once installed in December of 2001, our first osprey pair arrived and started nesting on March 30th, 2002. Since then, the osprey platform has been occupied by three separate families, with the current female holding the platform since 2012. This current female has had three husbands; her most recent husband was born locally, south of Hewlett, in 2015.

Ospreys produce an average of three chicks, with the very rare occasion of a fourth. They arrive back to Long Island from their annual migration in March and begin nesting in the early part of April, with their chicks usually hatching the 1st half of May and allowing them to leave the nest in early to mid-July. Visit the NYS DEC website to learn more about Osprey.

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