Greenfield Cemetery

Greenfield Cemetery is located in the center of the Town of Hempstead, sprawling across approximately 158 acres of land. Green lawns and well-attended memorials are shaded by lush trees and bordered by freshly trimmed hedges. All of the memorials are beautiful in their own way and range from old, weather-worn monuments to dignified mausoleums.

Greenfield cemetery plots and memorial spaces are reserved for Town of Hempstead residents only. All plots are affordable and well-maintained by the Town of Hempstead. Immediate service and personalized, thoughtful assistance are offered to the bereaved by the personnel at Greenfield. In order to purchase burial space, one must reside in the Town of Hempstead, and town ordinances concerning plot size and maintenance are observed.

Cemetery Burial Record Search 

You may search cemetery records at Greenfield Cemetery that are publicly listed on  All searches are free for the public.  Currently, records are dated from 1870 to 2/28/2022.  Please check back as additional records are always being added.

COVID-19 Burial Plot Gifting Program

The Town of Hempstead COVID-19 Burial Plot Gifting Program allows plot owners at the township-operated Greenfield Cemetery to gift their unused burial plots to a family that experienced an unexpected or untimely death of a family member due to COVID-19.

If you are a plot owner interested in donating your plot to a family that suffered a loss due to COVID-19, or a family in need of a burial plot for a deceased family member, please contact Greenfield Cemetery at 516-483-6500 or by email.

Greenfield Cemetery Map

Greenfield Cemetery Map