Public Safety Department


The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the protection of the real and personal property of the town and the maintenance of order on the real properties of the town.

Uniformed Public Safety Officers patrol the properties of the town, both on foot and in patrol vehicles. Officers are trained in first aid and traffic control. The Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Responsibilities & Services

The department also provides services, such as safety courses, to applicants for peddler licenses and provides a Speaker's Bureau that lectures on security and safety to local, civic, and fraternal organizations. In addition, the department lectures on child bicycle safety to children and their parents offer hurricane preparedness seminars to inform residents on what to do if a hurricane hits and administers the town's Child Car Seat Safety Program in which certified technicians inspect and properly install child car seats.

The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for the operation and administration of the Town's Office of Emergency Management. This office acts as the central communications and operations center coordinating the town's efforts during an emergency. This office works with other state, county, and local government offices.

While providing 24-hour-a-day security at town office buildings, marinas, water pumping stations, and sanitation plants, the department's modern communication system maintains a network with our law enforcement agencies and all local government agencies, thus providing our residents with the constant availability of vital emergency services.