Community Development Block Grants

Senior Citizen Home Improvement Program

Offers interest-free loans of up to $18K to income-eligible senior households for certain interior and exterior improvements to their homes. Homeowners do not select their contractors. Proposed work is bid out and awarded by the Department.

Physically Challenged Home Improvement Program

Offers Grants of up to $20K to income-eligible households in which one of the family members is permanently disabled and is in need of accessibility as per ADA regulations. This can include ramp installation, bathroom modification, architectural barrier removal, etc.

Streetscape Improvement Program

Includes the installation of new sidewalk and curbing, as well as, decorative street lighting, benches, and trash receptacles. This work can only be done within commercial areas that have been designated as eligible as per approved HUD census tract data. There is no cost to the adjacent property owners.

Commercial Facade Improvement Program

Provides funding to property owners for the improvement of their exterior building fa9ade. The design work is done by a preapproved architect who meets with the property owner to determine the extent and estimated cost of the project. Once finalized, the project is bid by the department, and submissions reviewed. In order to award to the lowest bidder, the property owner must enter into a contract indicating a financial commitment of 50% of the project cost

Commercial Sign and Lighting Program

Provides funding for sign and lighting upgrades in an amount typically in the $10K to $15K range. These projects are also designed and bid in a manner similar to the Fa9ade Program but do not require any financial commitment from the property owner.